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Amaco /Brent

Fash en Hues

Molds By Waer

American Ceramic Supply Co

Gare, Inc

National Artcraft

American Hobby Molds

Glaser Ceramic Supply

NBE Molds

Apple-Air Airbrush
(Email only)
GRD /Tre Ole Molds
(Email only)
Nowell's, Inc

Ann Original Mold

H K Enterprises
(CJ Molds & others)
Olympia Enterprises
(Olympic Decals)
Bell Collection

Hershey Mold Co

Olympic Kilns

Bil-Mac Mold Co

Hobby Colorobbia

Orton Cones

Blue Diamond Kiln Co
(Closed, no further info)
Instar Decals
(Trinity Decals)
P & C Ceramic Supply

Clay Magic Mold Co

IMD Molds

Paragon Kilns

Colorific Porcelain
(Rex Tools & Forma Leafs)
Jay Kay Mold Co
(Skyline Molds)
Petro Mold Co

Colors For Earth

Kemper Tools

Riverview Mold Co
(TBR Decals)
Creative Glazes
(Web Links Page)
Kruger Pottery

Royal Brush Co

Creative Paradise
Lakeland Mold Co
(Closed, no further info)
Seeley's Porcelain Products

Cress Kilns

Lamp Specialties

Shiloh Mold Co
(Lone Star / Nowells)
Crest Mold Co
(Purchased by Macky Mold Co)
Lehman Manufacturing
(Studio Star)
Silver Falcon Brushes

De-Lite Mold Co
(Closed, no further info)
Lily Pond Products

Skutt Kilns

Doc Holliday Colors

Macky Mold Co
(Various discontinued mold companies)
Starlite Mold Co
(Alberta, Dona, Duncan, Scioto)
Doc Holliday Mold Co

Magnolia Mold Co
(Jones molds)
Teddy Bear Mold Co


Master Sargent Molds

Vir-Ma Decals

Dove Brush Co

Mayco Colors

Zem Brushes

Duncan Ceramics

Midwest Ceramic Supply
(Delta/McNees Mold Co)

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