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PictureDescriptionCompanyNumberMold PriceLocation
Hound Dog, Mama 2 3/8"H AlbertaB-8$5.00D-2
Sled 3"Hx5.25"L AlbertaA-310$8.00J-2
Fish, PA Plaque 9"T Arnel325$15.00R-4
Poinsettia Bowl 4.25"Dia AtlanticA-108$5.00H-1
Bell w/Rose 8 1/8"H ByronBH-1262$5.00J-4
Egg, Faberge Gethsemene 4.5"H ByronBH-1116$5.00B-4
Cow Napkinholder 5 7/8" x 7 1/8"Alberta1040$4.00W-4
Piano BoxAlbertaJM-B026AB$5.00U-2
Teddy Bear Mug W/LidAlberta944$2.00Q-5
Tea Pot Knobs 3.5"Wx2"T(3 diffAnn Original Molds 916$5.00G-1
Tufted TrayArnel412$4.00P-5
Bible w/Candle 10 3/8"T (Worn)AtlanticA-714$10.00U-5
Heart w/Roses, Flat 4.5"Wx4"T Barefoot1122$2.00L-2
Chili Peppers (5) 2"-2.5"LBJ MoldBJ-120$5.00X-5
Chili Salsa Bowl w/Lid 6.5"Lx5 BJ MoldBJ-086$10.00X-5
Chili Soap Dish 7"Lx5"WBJ MoldBJ-072$5.00X-5
Chili Sugar Packet Holder 8"LBJ MoldBJ-181$5.00X-5
Chili Toothpick Holder 3.5"x2"BJ MoldBJ-095$3.00X-5
Chili Utensil Holder 5"Wx6"TBJ MoldBJ-082$5.00X-5
Candle Shade, Lace 3.25"Hx4.5"Boothe1299$3.00H-1
Candle Shade, Lace Base 3"x3"TBoothe1300$3.00H-1
Candle Shade, Petite Plain 3"D Boothe1289$5.00E-2
Knob, BirdhouseBoothe1388$1.00E-4
Knob, Formal (4) 1.5"Wx2"LBoothe1374$5.00E-4
Knob, Lacyee Round 1.5"Dia (4) Boothe1457$5.00E-4
Knob, Oval Plain 1.5"Wx2"LBoothe1375$5.00E-4
Knob, TeapotBoothe1373$1.00E-4
Memorial Snowman Orn 9-11 4.5"Boothe1718$5.00 
Stamp Roll Holder W/LidBoothe1238AB$1.00E-2
Rose Box 3.75"DiaByronBH-1153$8.00D-2
Golf Bag Lamp & BaseCeramichromeC-2807AB$5.00N-2
Panda S&PCeramichromeC-1330$1.00P-3
Rose CreamerColonialN/N-E$2.00FL
Wind Face PlaqueColoramic4013$5.00M-1
Griddle/Chalk BoardCramer133$2.00CC-5
Dragon & Wizard Stein W/LidDoc HollidayDH-1195AB$10.00G/H-1
Fawn in a LeafDoc HollidayGR-274$1.00R-2
Skunk in a LeafDoc HollidayGR-272$1.00R-2
4 Seasons TeacupDuncanDM-630A$2.00U-5
Frogs & MushroomsDuncanHM-101$1.00C-2
Mini Bud VaseDuncanTM-6$1.00C-2
Smiley FacesDuncanPPM-24$1.00C-1
Veggie MagnetsDuncanDM-1741$1.00D-1
Flowered PitcherE.S. MoldsES-1231$3.00H-2
Hannah & HansEvergreenE-399$3.00T-1
Cow, Small Nativity SetHollandH-1555$1.00X-4
Teddy Bear Clock/Picture FrameIandola510$1.00D-2
Cows for S & P (2) 6"T Kimple1345$3.00E-5
S & P, Woodgrain 3"T Kimple1323$2.00E-5
S&P/Napkin, Woodgrain Base 6"LKimple1321$5.00E-5
Pitcher, Buttermilk 6"T Wilson Molds881$10.00F-5

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