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Make 2 pendant and earring sets!

Would you like to make your own Christmas gifts?  What about glass pendants and earrings?

Ceramics and Roses is offering a night or afternoon of instruction on glass cutting and fusing.  Finished samples of pendants & earrings will be available for examples of what you can create.  Create your design, choose colors from glass provided, cut your glass, assemble your pieces, then leave them to be fired.  Finished pieces will be avalible for pickup within one week from the class time.  Then check off 2 gifts for those special gals on your list.  All tools are provided and jewelry fittings will be included for the finished pieces.

What:      Make 2 fused glass pendant and earring sets.
Where:   Ceramics and Roses class room.
When:    To be determined.
Cost:      $35 per person.

For more information or to arrange for class time, please contact Ceramics and Roses at:
972-539-2724 or email barbra@ceramicsandroses.com

Barbra Postma
Flower Mound, TX

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